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Custom Mini Engine (quotes only)

Custom Mini Engine (quotes only)


We offer full engine reconditioning and/or custom preparations for your Mini's engine.
From classic engine reconditioning, to building competition engines or supercharged and turboed builds: anything's possible!

This service may need you to ship your engine to us in Surgères, France 🇫🇷. We can also offer full engine builds from scratch.

🚗 Engine reconditioning services:
Full engine and gearbox rebuild for all Minis from 850cc (Mini 1000) to 1275cc (Mini 1300) and from 1959 to 2000.
Give your Mini its initial specifications and performance levels back!

🏁 Engine preparation:
- full preparation of the engine and the gearbox from 850cc to 1460cc,
- preparation of 5, 7 & 8 port cylinder heads,
- 16 valves engine builds,
- superchargers or turbos,
- fully mappable injection. 

Please, feel free to reach out and ask for a quote!


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Custom Tom'Shop parts, handmade in France

Years of experience and knowledge allowed Tom'Shop to develop its own custom-made part, handmade here in Surgères, France.
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